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Ezra Healing is a substantial part of the new Wellness Paradigm currently being born in North America and around the globe. The global citizenry are no longer satisfied with the “sick care” version of so called health care.  Band-Aid medicine endlessly treating symptoms rather than root causes must be abandoned - as soon as possible.  Patient centric care must be the priority. We need to transition towards the “Do No Harm” model of private care that places humanity at the forefront of real health and wellness care. In this new model your entire life style is examined and analyzed to promote and support the totality of your body’s integrated systems. We are a solutions-based, health promotion & disease prevention, grassroots movement that is always evolving to best serve you and your family. 



Svetlana is a former Canadian Registered Nurse of 24 years.


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia. Her extensive experience working in the Canadian Healthcare system includes ICU/ER, Public Health, University Education and Primary Health Care.


Svetlana has worked closely with the many healthcare professionals that make up a healthcare team. Her passion is to empower people with winning solutions to common and complex health challenges. Pivoting from public healthcare to the private sector has allowed Svetlana to offer even better solutions to the general public. She is a strong advocate and public speaker bringing awareness to the deep corruption in the current Canadian Healthcare system.


After being terminated from her position as a competent Primary Care Nurse from the Christina Lake, BC, Medical Clinic, for refusing the covid19 vaccine, she started Ezra Healing as a response to the crimes against humanity currently being implemented by the government. Bringing light to the medical corruption and offering solutions, she and her team will help build the new Wellness Paradigm which is long overdue.

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Michael is Ezra Healing’s Apothecary, and heads up Ezra’s Men’s Health division. 


Michael Martinz is a serial entrepreneur and a life long natural wellness advocate.  His work experience extends across 5 continents covering a range of industries, including automotive, agriculture, retail, biofuels, mining and forestry.  His focus over nearly the last 20 years has been the Cannabis plant and its multitude of applications for humans including medical and industrial uses. 


Michael has been a strong advocate against allopathic medical quackery stemming from an incident of very poor care in the year 2000. He has never seen a medical doctor since then and has been a keen and inquisitive student learning what supports a healthy human body and mind.  Thru his studies, self analysis and application he has discovered that nearly everything modern allopathic medicine advocates for is utter nonsense.  He believes like Hippocrates, "let food by thy medicine".  What goes into your body nutritionally, and what you fill your mind with determines one's health. 

Like many people, in March of 2020 his world was turned upside down.  With a unusual amount of spare time on his hands he embarked upon producing a podcast which initially reported on conservation issues in British Columbia.  By the Fall of 2020 the show moved forwards into a deep dive on the covid-19 fiasco.  Thru his podcast, the Martinz Critical Review, Michael interviewed and hosted nearly every major expert worldwide covering that subject matter.  With over 150 episodes published to date, and over 30,000 hours of research into the scamdemic and health related subjects, his opinion on allopathic medicine has soured even further.  When you then layer the imposition of technocratic rule on the population, it is clear that no one is coming to save us except for ourselves.  

The time is now to learn and understand how to properly take care of your physical, mental and spiritual well being.  We must realise that the world we inhabit cares little to nothing about our well being and simply seeks to steal and harness our life energy.  But you can take your personal autonomy back and create an extraordinary version of yourself.  Michael has decided to dedicate his life to making this dream a possibility for as many people as possible.  Before you can truly be free, your physical body must be as refined and functional as it possibly can be, the way creation intended it to function!


As Michael looks to the future he realizes that there is only one solution to the world's present predicament, and that is a spiritual one.  Not a religious one, as that is simply another narrative designed to ensnare and capture humanity, nor a political one.


People across the Earth must remember who they truly are.  Immortal unlimited light beings, having a brief material experience as a human.  Its time that LOVE energy permeates this wonderful planet we call home, and cast out the dark and evil forces that seek to harness the lower vibrational energy of humanity as their energy source.


LOVE is the answer.  The rest is just a story.


"I've never felt better since starting my journey with Ezra Healing. Their coaching has helped me achieve a level of balance and health that I never thought was possible."



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