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Ezra Healing is a substantial part of the new Wellness Paradigm currently being born in North America and around the globe. The global citizenry are no longer satisfied with the “sick care” version of so called health care.  Band-Aid medicine endlessly treating symptoms rather than root causes must be abandoned - as soon as possible.  Patient centric care must be the priority. We need to transition towards the “Do No Harm” model of private care that places humanity at the forefront of real health and wellness care. In this new model your entire life style is examined and analyzed to promote and support the totality of your body’s integrated systems. We are a solutions-based, health promotion & disease prevention, grassroots movement that is always evolving to best serve you and your family. 



Svetlana is a former Canadian Registered Nurse of 24 years.


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia. Her extensive experience working in the Canadian Healthcare system includes ICU/ER, Public Health, University Education and Primary Health Care.


Svetlana has worked closely with the many healthcare professionals that make up a healthcare team. Her passion is to empower people with winning solutions to common and complex health challenges. Pivoting from public healthcare to the private sector has allowed Svetlana to offer even better solutions to the general public. She is a strong advocate and public speaker bringing awareness to the deep corruption in the current Canadian Healthcare system.


After being terminated from her position as a competent Primary Care Nurse from the Christina Lake, BC, Medical Clinic, for refusing the covid19 vaccine, she started Ezra Healing as a response to the crimes against humanity currently being implemented by the government. Bringing light to the medical corruption and offering solutions, she and her team will help build the new Wellness Paradigm which is long overdue.

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"I've never felt better since starting my journey with Ezra Healing. Their coaching has helped me achieve a level of balance and health that I never thought was possible."



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