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Ezra’s Men’s Health division will guide and empower Men back to their full Wellness potential by focusing on the cornerstones of Men’s health, Exercise, Nutrition, and Hormones.  All of which together combine to enhance their mental state and therefore the totality of their well being. 

Men’s health is often an overlooked aspect in today’s society, no doubt spawned from the “tough it out” societal influence Men have been under for many generations now. Men have suffered quietly with various health conditions mainly attributed to poor health education and the allopathic medical model.  

This societal influence has resulted in the neglect of Men’s overall health.   Longevity for the first time in a generation has began to decline.  Mental health has also suffered resulting in a dramatic increase in depression and anxiety conditions.

What are the underlying causal factors here?  

Sedentary lifestyles, combined with poor diets are leading to high BMI’s and low Testosterone levels robbing Men of their potential vitality and health.  Studies show that even Men in their 20s have lower Testosterone than Men in their 40s did in the 1950s.  This is an epidemic of major proportions.



The genetic physiology of the human genome has varied less than 1% over the last 10,000 years.  Men over the vast proportion of this time have exerted tremendous energy on a daily basis hunting, building, gathering, defending, and traveling.  Presently, for a very short moment in history a majority of the population has deviated from this norm and begun to exist in the modern sedentary life style.  
The human body is designed to move and have forces applied to it - in other words exercise!  Combine the sedentary lifestyle with poor dietary choices and there is only one possible outcome - declining health and wellness, reduction in capacity to perform, and ultimately chronic illness.

The modern sedentary life style has created men with a higher than optimum Body Mass Index (BMI) levels which has directly effected their overall health, especially regarding Testosterone levels.   As BMI levels increase along with concomitant body fat levels in a man, estrogen levels also increase.  Adipose tissue is a sponge for estrogen.  

The hormone Testosterone is important for bodily functions, including maintaining a healthy body composition (muscle and bone density), fertility and sex drive. Declining testosterone levels are not a natural part of aging and studies indicate that they likely decline due to health-related behaviours or health status itself.  Add in environmental elements such as endocrine disrupters, and biocide residues and you have a poor prognosis for male health and performance.

Studies show low levels of Testosterone have been associated with increased comorbidities and an increase risk for all-cause mortality. The decline specifically, in young adult men, with increased obesity may lead to an increase in precocious cancer.  Such decreases can also result in a lower libido and an increased risk for erectile dysfunction.




Ezra’s Men’s Health division will work with their clients within the primary trifecta of Men’s health elements, the FACTORS of Exercise, Nutrition, and Hormones

We will work with our clients to develop exercise programs, nutrition plans, and hormone therapy protocols to optimise their health and wellness potential. The net result will be a healty and fit Man that will be able to maximise their contributions to their Families, Communities, and Businesses.

Factor 1


The human body was not designed to exist in a sedentary state.  The primary factor of elevated BMI, reduced metabolic activity, and consequent lower Testosterone is a lack of exercise.  This situation also robs Men of mobility and functionality as they age.  Unhealthy Men are literally destroying their potential capacity to enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

Clients will be assessed for their general health status and activities levels and exercise plans developed on an individual basis.  

Refining body composition is an important task to for clients to focus on.  As clients shed body fat and build muscle mass their basal metabolic rate will increase.  This is a crucial element towards a client’s long term investment into their own health.  The greater the basal metabolic rate, the lower the body fat percentage will be over the long term, resulting in better biochemistry and physiology.

Factor 2


The Standard American Diet or “SAD” is a combination of food products that no one should be consuming.  Based largely from the lobbying efforts from big agriculture, big pharma, and allopathic medicine, licensed “dieticians” have been prescribing dietary “advice” from the scientifically baseless food pyramid for decades.  

The results are obvious, a population of obese and chronically ill people.  

The war on fats, red meat, the introduction of artificial sweeteners, the prevalence of biocide residues in conventionally produced produce and meats, and the plethora of food additives has also had a tremendously negative effect on the population.

The first element of our Nutritional program will be to perform an inventory of what our clients are generally consuming, and conduct food sensitivity tests where appropriate.  We will advise clients to consume organic or naturally produced foods whenever possible.  Red meats should be grass fed and finished, and farmed salmon should be avoided entirely.

We will work to educate our clients in more healthful ways of eating.  Not necessarily “diet” plans, more of a fundamental understanding of why what foods are good for them, what foods to avoid, and why.  We also do not want to unnecessarily restrict calories, rather we want to encourage regular meal consumption to promote a more rapid metabolism.  This of course will be modified on the basis of the clients goals - fat loss or lean mass gains.

The general nutrition program will seek to deliver very high nutrient dense foods, with generally lower daily caloric levels, and seek to reduce inflammation. The reduction in inflammation is a key element in reducing such conditions as atherosclerosis and most other chronic diseases.

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Factor 3


Testosterone is the master male hormone in Men’s bodies.  It in fact makes Men, Men!

The first task is to perform a baseline audit of the client’s hormone profile. This initial profile provides a baseline from which to measure subsequent interventions.

While there are many interventions that can be used to promote and elevate Testosterone levels, including a number of peptides, HCG, ultimately exogenous Testosterone replacement  therapy (TRT).  The later being the most effective, and most rapid tool we can deploy.


The treatment course will depend on the age of the client and their general health.  Many Men in their 30s may be able to increase their Testosterone levels to “normal” with diet and exercise programs alone. We could use precursor peptides that encourage natural Testosterone production. As Men age this will become a more difficult task to accomplish.

If you are 50 years old, would you not want to fee like you are 30?  This is the magic of Testosterone!  The male body if optimally functioning can handle more Testosterone than it would naturally produce at that age.  Thus, rigorous exercise and a healthy diet will allow older Men to re-experience a youthful vigorous condition.  

This is the true magic behind TRT.  Physiological anti-aging via the administration  of exogenous Testosterone.  We are literally turning the clock back in time!

For nearly all clients over the age of 35 the addition of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) will have a tremendous effect on body composition and over all well being.    Growth hormone levels decline after the third decade of life.  There is a progressive decline of hGH secretion of approximately 15% for every decade of adult life.

Growth hormone is truly the master modulator of the aging process.

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